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Frequently asked questions


How long will it take?

This is something we will talk about in very exact terms the very first time we talk. Fortunately for you, the way my brain works I have to work on a project until it's done or I can't focus on anything else. So my turnaround time is going to be prompt.

Discord and other social media setup can be done same day.

Branding can depend on the specifics (just a logo? letterhead/invoices/business card as well?) of your package. From 2 - 5 days is the average time.

Web site design takes more time so it's harder to pinpoint. 3 days to 2 weeks is a range I feel I can always comfortably meet. Please keep in mind that any delays on your part in getting me images or copy you want included will factor into this.

What about revisions?

There will be various times during the process where you are welcome to request versions of the end product. As well as times I will likely show results before you have opportunity to ask (in order to ensure you are happy before I move forward).

Once the job is complete, there will be an additional window of 2 business days for any revisions you request. Please keep in mind revision = adjustments to aspects of the project. Not entire redesign.

Beyond this point, revisions will have to be discussed & made with my hourly rate.

Once you're gone how do I make changes?

Website - I will take the time to go over the site page by page. There will be a 1-3 day period after that where I can make additional edits for you. When we go over the site, I will also leave you with a "guide" on how to do basic changes, as well as discuss this guide with you one on one.

Branding/Graphic Design - You will get the versions of your logo/design/ad/banner/etc in both 'final' and 'editable' versions. These versions may require Adobe software (or similar) to open the editable versions (.ai ; .pdf )

Discord/Social Media SetUp - I will leave you with a "discord-hints' Channel that is specific to your Discord full of useful hints. I will be available a week after the set up for any questions you have, please just ask on Discord itself. I will remain in your server for that follow up week if you would like.

If you do not want to be responsible for edits to your project once the original project is completed, I can do additional edits at any point. This will be charged with my additional hourly rate.

Will I get files once its done?

I will provide all files you need after a job is done in a package. This package will have fonts, color palettes (with codes for each color to match them in the future), and all files that were required in building your project. All files will be in a finished versions (ie .pdf, .png, .tiff) as well as editable versions (.ai, .psd). These editable files may require you have Adobe (or similar) software to open them in the future.

Web Design

I've never had a website before, can we start from nothing?

Yes! Absolutely! Getting the website name you want? Knowing the why or if something like a blog would benefit your site's needs? Attaching an official email, phone number? Privacy concerns?Being able to use the site after I've completed the project?

All of this covered. All of this and more. If you have a question, I will take the time to answer it. Everyone starts out knowing nothing at some point and the time we spent making sure your questions are answered is some of the most important time I can spend for you.

Keep in mind that domain hosting have additional fees that are not a part of my fees. The average fees are $108 annually with my recommended domain and hosting sites. The fees rarely go higher than $258. Fees do not go higher or lower based on site size, but only increase in price if you want to add eCommerce (storefront) options onto your site.

What about if I just want changes to the site I already have?  Will my site stay online while you're editing?

Your site will stay online until the moment we are ready to go live with the new site. And I do always recommend a 'new' site. It is always an option to take the content (images/copy/etc) you have & integrate it into a site. However. With how unique code & design can be, it is almost always much easier to redesign a website rather than "refresh".

The time taken will actually be shorter to start anew, and a refreshed design (even if it mirrors closely your current one) can invigorate your current clients & bring new customers in by the droves!

Not to mention that design is constantly evolving. Mobile integration is a great example of this. Think of the frustration of looking at a site on a phone in a pinch that you simply can't read because the business owner hasn't updated their site in the last few years. New design equals a better handle on the current technology, which means an easier experience for your users. That alone is always worth the time and effort to design a site anew.

Is your site made with getting me higher on (Google) search results in mind?

YES. This is part of the ultimate aim, and something every site aims to achieve. The preferred domain and hosting sites I utilize include free use of their analytics. Analytics are easy to read stats on who is looking at your site, how long they are looking, & where they are located. In addtion to these analytics, I recommend setting up a (free) Google Analytics account that you will continue to use in conjuction with your site. I will help you to set up, connect, and understand your Google Analytics account.

SEO is something that fascinates me. I love the challenge of making a business really stand out not just visually, not just in ease of use, but also in how well it produces results. I will find the keywords & utilize them carefully and cleverly to get you a higher search ranking.

One of the feathers in my creative cap is turning a website for a business to business manufacturing company into an engaging site that showed such positive engagement it's numbers were almost a statistical anomaly. 1/4 the bounce rate of any other companies in our industry, I tailored our site and SEO rating to give us powerful Google AdWords results as well.

Do you provide copy (words) ?  Do you provide content (video, images) ?

Your site is stronger with your voice. Your words and images are your voice.

So that means I will want as much of your input as I can get. However, if you need copy? I will happily provide copy that will make your site engaging. Copy that will hit the key words your site needs to get it ranked high in searches. Copy that will get your site notices, that will keep people taking notice, and that will convert viewers into customers.

If you need images, I can provide stock images that work with your overall concepts. However, your site will work better with every high resolution image you can provide.

Video will have to come from your resources.

Will my site work on mobile?  Will you integrate my other social media or sites?

Yes. Promised to work on mobile as well as desktop.

Yes, all other social media will be conncted. If you have an additional site, IE an Etsy store, those will be connected as well.

The abovementioned are part of the web design.

If you want social media set up because you do not have any already, that is an additional fee.

Can I have my store on my site?

Yes. Absolutely. I am happy to set up your store and show you how to continue to easily add products after the site is done. I can also walk you through how to take payments and the way to take payments that is best for your needs (IE - Square, PayPal, etc).

Keep in mind that eCommerce (store) websites generally require more hosting fees than other sites. These are fees outside of my fees that I do not set or control. The average amount added on is about $70 annually. All payments processed will be subject to any processing fees that the payment processors set and are not my fees or monies that go to me. I will be happy to explain these fees to you before you decide what payment option works best for your needs.


How long have you been at it?

I started out in mid 2019 on the popular podcast Kill Tony. Open mics 4-5 nights a week after this moment. 2020 has added unique challenges to being so new in stand up comedy.

Can you do clean?


How many tight minutes do you have?