Hey There - I'm Erin 

I am an artist, writer, and creative that has a lifelong love of design. The marriage of right brain & left brain and the functionality of design as art are passions that motivate and inspire me through every single day.  Most of my real life experience since leaving school for design has been in facilitating websites, as well as branding for my "day jobs" & the comedy community. After hearing far too often that I should offer my skills in a professional capacity, I'm eager to leap into making new projects (YOUR projects) worth mentioning.

Lifelong Love for Design...

Career day so many years ago my young mind couldn't yet fathom time enough to understand the difference between 1980s and 90s. Computers so old we should come up with a new name for the antiquated relics with keyboards we saw back then versus the behemoths of capabilities we click away at now.  The inconsequential kid from my class was named Tim, his father's name long forgotten. But the way his dad explained, with clicks on a single button mouse, how he did something all day every day called "CAD drawing" was something I could never forget. And how, but wait there was more(!) - computers could even alter actual photographs! He keyed my young mind in to the fact that computers even changed the models on the glossy magazine covers in ways I had never noticed. I was sold. I was hooked. 

It took technology a few more years to catch up enough that we all had computers in our homes (shout out Steve Jobs, shout out Bill Gates, we see you Steve Wozniak). Took me a few more years to own one of my very own (shout out Blowout Computer Bonanza Laptop Clearance!!!!!!!!! events at the State Fair Grounds). 2002 was when I first cracked open Adobe Photoshop 7. I started to devour every bit of information I could absorb, dropping considerable chunks of my meager paychecks towards UK based magazines promising the latest tips, tricks, and trends in the world of Photoshop. Going to school to learn the technical aspects of design was inevitable, & I enjoyed every moment of the years I spent studying art. 

Like any digital artist understands, things always take a few revisions before they land at just where they need to be. My journey to being able to use design and art professionally is no different.  Day jobs have been amazing opportunities to enrich my knowledge base.  Working to assist the elderly and disabled towards getting mobility devices to better their day to day lives. Daily communications with local farmers to get their product to a facility to be sliced, diced, and sent to to schools, restaurants, and other local tables.  Offering an ear and tactile precision to help people get into their new cars - or get the cars they have serviced with minimal hassle.  Being the person offering support towards getting the job done for a client's needs is nothing new in any job I've had - and it's something I want to apply with diligence now that I am representing myself.  

Ultimately my love of design? Is a love of being able to marry creativity and beauty with functionality. I don't want the sites or projects I work on to be mine. I want them to be yours. I want to help you see the point of the design I envision and the purpose of every feature we discuss. I want the project to be a reflection of you executed efficiently via me, thanks to Funny You Mention Design. And I've realized that for a time longer then when I even knew what time meant.  

Stand Up

  • Mustang's Comedy Night
    Wed, Mar 31
    Mustang Sally's
    Comedy lives! Come check out a great free show at an amazing venue just south of the Wisconsin border!