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Hey there, I'm Erin


I am an artist, writer, and creative that has a lifelong love of design. The marriage of right brain & left brain and the functionality of design as art are passions that motivate and inspire me through every single day.  Most of my real life experience since leaving school for design has been in facilitating websites, as well as branding for my "day jobs" & the comedy community. After hearing far too often that I should offer my skills in a professional capacity, I'm eager to leap into making new projects of all varieties (YOUR projects) worth mentioning.


Erin Lipski

Wordsmith. Designer. Artist. 





New York City, NY



since 1998

Adobe Creative Suite

Expert Proficiency

Photoshop - Illustrator - InDesign 

Adobe and I have grown together over the years.  I first opened up Photoshop over 20 years ago.  Before even beginning my degree in Commerical Arts, I started to explore the world of Illustrator and Vector Images.  While Photoshop, Illustrator, & InDesign are my main focuses, I am well versed in the entire Adobe Creative Suite and moving deftly into the world of video. 

since 2009 

Twitter - Discord - Instagram - Facebook 

Social Media Development / Branding

Advanced Proficiency

Sure, we all use social media.  But how do you optimize it?  SEO isn't just about websites.  Your reach on social media can change the entire of your business or brand.  Let me be help you represent your best side with some of the most popular platforms.  

since 1996

Web Design & SEO Optimization

Wix Certified Partner Program -

Wordpress - Squarespace 

Expert Proficiency

Anyone can drop element in to make a website.  With my expertise, you will get a functional and eye catching website that makes people stay.  SEO (engagement) rate improvement & google search improvement promised.  Wix certified partner.  And my turnover rates will get you a site that normally takes weeks within a matter of days. 


Ninja Death
Boy in Orange
Beach Boys Anniversary
Dog Training
Rooney Splash
Skate Catalog
Mozza Doll
Like Home
The Wheel Magazine Ad
Character Sketch
Fitness Website
Something Wicked
Translator Ad
Enron Editorial



Typing - 108 wpm - 98% accuracy

Microsoft Office - Advanced

Administrative Support

 over 20 years experience

Adobe - Advanced

Google Suite - Advanced

Mac & PC expertise 

over 20 years experience

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